18-19 Student Supply List | Click to download pdf

Middle School / High School Supply List

AESA Prep Academy  | 2018-19


1) Two 1 ½” binders  (any SOLID color with plastic inserts on the outside of the
binder) – one will be your BOSS  in the Fall and the other binder will be your BOSS in the Spring. It will be the method of organizing all the work from each class. Please have your BOSS organized and ready to go the first day of school. 

2) 2 packages of dividers for your binders (8 tabs) – one for Fall and one for Spring.    

3) 1 zipper pencil bag that has holes to place in your binder. THIS IS REQUIRED. It will be a way for you to keep up with pencils, erasers, highlighters, etc. It can be any color. 

4) 1 box of colored pencils  (12 count) 

5) 2 yellow highlighter

6) 6 packs of pencils (at least 8 in a pack –any type

7) 2 large pink eraser

8) 1 package of small erasers (the kind you put on your pencil to replace the old one-this would be for regular pencils, not mechanical

9) Lead  (a large supply if you are using mechanical pencils

10) 2 handheld pencil sharpener

11) 4 spiral notebooks  (6 spirals for 6th grade)– any SOLID color (1 subject, wide ruled)      

12) 8 Elmer’s glue stick

13) 6 boxes of Kleene

14) 1 graphing calculator (It needs to have table and statistical-display   
capabilities) Good models are the T-83 & T-84 (the T-84 Plus is especially
recommended) from Texas Instruments. These can be expensive (a little over a $100 on Amazon for the T-84 Plus). Remember – this investment is well worth it because it will be used through high school and college. Used or refurbished ones can also be readily found for sale online (Amazon, Craigslist, Ebay). They can even be rented from http://www.mycalcrental.com/

15) a laptop computer (no tablets please) – will need Microsoft office suite on PC  
            or the software that comes standard with the Mac (numbers, pages, etc.). The
            students will be using Excel, PowerPoint and Acrobat in addition to word
            processing. If you already have a computer, that’s great! Just make sure it is
            equipped with the necessary software.

16) 1 package of expo markers (at least 4 in a pack

17) 1 12” ruler with holes that can be placed in the BOS

18) 4 packs of white index cards (100 in a pack

19) 1 composition book (Middle School only)