Ireland Simme is an AESA Tennis Star!


Through my six years of competitively playing tennis at Polo Tennis Academy, my achievements range from being top in the state for every age group and winning a gold ball in doubles. At the biggest national tournaments of the year, the winner receives a gold ball. I earned one of these when I won doubles at Easterbowl. I have always worked my way to being #1 in the state in every age group I have grown out of. 

I had some of my best results from the summer of my freshman year to when Covid hit in the spring of my sophomore year. At the beginning of summer between my freshman and sophomore year, I got 2nd place in our only sectional tournament of the year, Grand Slam. I continued doing well in national tournaments and winning state tournaments throughout the fall. In November of my sophomore year, I played a national tournament in New Orleans called Sugar Bowl. At this tournament I played five long and tough matches to win the tournament. Shortly after that, Covid hit and I couldn’t play tournaments but I continued to practice with my coach and a small group of kids.

Playing this much tennis would cause anyone attending public school to have a lot of make up work and/or summer school. Being at AESA has allowed me to excel in the classroom and stay on top of my school work while I travel for these bigger tournaments. If it weren’t for AESA and the amazing teachers, I wouldn’t be able to succeed in school and on the court.

Thanks to AESA and the Polo Tennis Academy, I am being presented with several opportunities for my future. I have been talking to several Division 1 schools and am hoping to get a full ride to play for one of them. Since I am doing well in advanced classes at school and am earning good results on the court, these goals are not very far away. 

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