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The AESA Prep Academy Curriculum is accredited by AdvancEd and is located in the SACS region of the United States: The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools as of August 29th, 2011. The University of Texas at Austin, is also AdvancEd and SACS accredited. AESA falls under the same standards and policies set forth by AdvancEd. Our core academic courses are NCAA approved as of June 13th, 2012. All AESA academic courses are based upon National Standards, the SAT and the ACT. AESA is partnered with The University of Texas at Austin Extension.

Our Junior and Senior students are encouraged to take at least one to two of the following University of Texas of Austin Extension Dual credit courses: E316K Masterworks of Literature: British; E338 American Lit. : 1865 to Present; ECO 304K Introduction to Microeconomics; GOV 310L American Government; M305G Preparation for Calculus; SPN 312K Second-Year Spanish 1, and SPN 312L Second-Year Spanish II.  AESA also is now encouraging their students to take Calculus I and Calculus II with UC Berkeley.

All AESA courses focus on the curriculum content as well as the study skills needed to be proficient in each course. Organizational skills are taught in each course as well, to ensure that our students are adequately prepared to transition easily into collegiate academics and be truly successful. The corner stone of all AESA courses is communication, both verbally and in writing. We utilize the Excellence in Writing Institute curriculum as the basis of our writing curriculum for grades 2-12. All High School students are required to take AESA Test Prep  during their Freshmen or Sophomore year. This course focuses on preparing students for the SAT and the ACT. Students may take these courses two years in a row if need be.

The backbone of all AESA courses are the National Standards set by the subject area US National Academies. The courses are not set on state standards. AESA’s courses emphasize critical thinking, creative thinking, and inquiry. Our students are encouraged to take the Stanford Achievement Test every other year to assess their educational progress and level.

Graduation Requirements

AESA Prep Academy High School Graduation Requirements

To graduate from AESA Prep Academy, students must acquire 26 credit hours of high school credit at a minimum and by doing so they will receive a Recommended Diploma. To receive the Distinguished Diploma students must distinguish themselves by receiving a minimum of a B in two dual credit courses from the University of Texas at Austin or UC Berkeley or from another university that is the equivalent of this level. Students may receive permission from the Head of School to take dual credits courses from other universities. Students must complete 25% of their High School courses from AESA and must be a Senior at AESA to graduate from AESA.

For the college admissions process, the majority of our students graduate with 30 credits and some more. This stands out in the college admissions process and depending upon the course selections allows students to highlight particular areas of study and/or a general well roundedness and diversity.

Recommended Diploma Graduation Requirements: 26 Credits total
Distinguished Diploma Graduation Requirements: 26 Credits total with 2 of the 26 courses being approved Dual Credit courses.

Required Courses:

English Language Arts – 4.0 credits
• English I, II, III, & IV

Math – 4.0 credits
• Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus

Science – 4.0 credits
• Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Systems

Social Studies – 4.0 credits
• World Geography, World History, U.S. History, and U.S. Government (0.5), Economics (0.5)

Physical Education – 1.0 credits (1.0 Physical Education credit is required.)
(a limit of 3 PE credits)

Languages other than English – 3.0 credits
(4 levels in the same language are highly recommended & permission for 2 levels only)

Health Education – 1.0 credits (1.0 Health Education is required.)

Computer Science – 1.0 credits (1.0 Technology credit is required.)

Fine Arts – 1.0 credits (1.0 Fine Arts credit is required.)

Communications – 1.0 credits
(1.0 Communication credit is required.)(Students may take a full year of either Speech or Debate or a semester of each.)

Additional Elective courses – 2.0 credits


**AESA Students have on average 30 credits or more upon graduation.

Grade Level Academic Core Courses
**Please note, if a student stays on grade level and is not accelerated in any of their course work, below is the usual recommended progression of course work.

9th Grade (Freshmen)
English 1
Algebra 1
World Geography

10th Grade (Sophomore)
English 2
World History

11th Grade (Junior)
English 3
Algebra 2
US History

12th Grade (Senior)
English 4
Environmental Science
US Government/Economics

Calculus is taken Senior year, if student took Algebra 1 in the 8th grade.