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AESA Prep Academy of Barcelona

AESA Prep Academy of Barcelona is an American High School situated in the city’s privileged Pedralbes neighborhood. It adheres to the same educational philosophy as our flagship campus in Austin, which is that students should not have to decide between getting a world-class education and pursuing their passions; with AESA, they can have both!

National Standards

Class Size

Students who study at AESA benefit from reduced class sizes, enabling our faculty members to provide individualized attention and support.

AESA Prep Academy of Barcelona

Athletes &

AESA’s academic programming is a perfect fit for elite athletes and performing artists with intensive training and competition schedules.

AESA Prep Academy of Barcelona


AESA’s students in Barcelona come from all around the world, creating a dynamic learning environment where students are able to learn from each other and expand their worldview. 

AESA Prep Academy of Barcelona


AESA’s rigorous academics prepare students for success at the university level, whether they plan to go to the USA, Europe, or anywhere in the world. 

Admission Process


AESA is accredited worldwide by Cognia (formerly known as AdvancED | Measured Progress). Our Barcelona campus forms part of the AESA International School System.

Accredited Cognia

For more information please contact us. To apply for admission, please complete the online application form. Want to visit our campus? Send a message to schedule a visit. We are located at is Carrer de Montevideo, 31, 08034, Barcelona, Spain. 

AESA Prep Academy of Barcelona