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Apply for Admission to AESA Prep Academy

Admissions Process | Tuition and Fees | Applying for Admission

[/vc_column_text][divider line_type=”No Line”][vc_column_text]We are delighted that you are interested in AESA Preparatory Academy! We value our distinctive learning community and seek students of good character who will contribute to our unique and vibrant school.

Please download, review and complete the forms below to apply to AESA Preparatory Academy.

If you have any questions about the admission process or would like to come and tour our facilities, please call our Main Office phone number at 512-560-5584 and speak with our Head of School, Barbara Garza.

Students are currently shadowing for the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 school years. We look forward to getting to know you and welcoming you to our campus to observe our students and classes in action! As we go through this process together, we hope to find that AESA will be a great match for your family.[/vc_column_text][divider line_type=”No Line”][divider line_type=”Full Width Line”][divider line_type=”No Line”][fancy-ul icon_type=”font_icon” icon=”icon-file-alt” color=”Accent-Color”]

AESA Application Forms

click the file name to download each form.

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About AESA Prep Academy

We are a SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) accredited college preparatory school serving grades 2-12. AESA’s hallmark is our 4:1 student-teacher ratio in our core academic classes and the individualized attention our students receive. We walk our students through the college admissions process and the NCAA Clearinghouse process. Our curriculum is based on national standards, the SAT and the ACT. We value our partnership with the University of Texas at Austin Extension where our students receive dual credit courses.

We Look for Students Who Are Working to Achieve Their Dreams

We are looking for bright, motivated, driven students — especially high level academic students, student athletes, fine arts students, and students who thrive in a small classroom setting — who desire a world class academic program with a flexible schedule, and who are ready to immerse themselves in all aspects of school life. This includes AESA Student Government and Model UN, which every student participates in! If you think you are interested in AESA and feel you would be a good match for our academic program, we encourage you to apply for admission.

Schools and Colleges Associated With AESA

AESA students have previously attended St. Gabriel’s, Trinity Episcopal Middle School of Austin, St. Stephen’s Episcopal School of Austin, Westlake High School, Lake Travis High School, Anderson High School, Westwood High School, Hill Country Middle School, Canyon Vista Middle School, West Ridge Middle School, Regions of Austin, Dripping Springs High School, Dripping Springs Middle School, Principia of St. Louis, Faith Academy of Marble Falls, Hong Kong International School of Hong Kong, Austin Tennis Academy, Newks of New Braunfels, and New Braunfels High School to name a few.

Admission Priority

Students that are in good standing at the end of the school year will receive priority during the selection process for the following year. The admission process is designed to acquaint prospective parents and students with as much of the school as possible. In turn, we hope to learn as much as we can about you, your academic interests, talents, hobbies, aspirations, and your interest in AESA.

AESA Prep Academy is Growing!

AESA Prep Academy is scheduled to grow in stages. Our current enrollment for the 2015-2016 school year is 83 students. AESA will always have controlled growth with our priority to always meet the needs and serve our current students. AESA Prep Academy will cap our student population at 100 students. We believe to increase our student population above 100 students would not allow us to meet the individual needs of our students to the degree we feel is necessary in order to give them the best education possible.

Future AESA Campuses

Two additional AESA Prep Academies are on the table! One of our tenets at AESA is to provide our students with a global experience; therefore, we have plans to open an AESA Prep Academy in Australia and we are currently looking at France and Spain as well. Students from Austin would be able to travel to AESA’s international campuses for extended stays receiving the same curriculum and educational programming they receive at AESA of Austin. For our international students they would be able to travel to Austin as well. AESA Prep Academy is designed to provide educational opportunities for Middle and High School students that are very difficult to find in the United States or that do not exist yet.

AESA of the Atlantic

AESA of the Atlantic will be a research school designed for High School students who are interested in Environmental research, Biological research, field study, and alternative forms of energy research. It will be located in Maine on the Atlantic Ocean and will work with existing research centers and universities and colleges in the area. Students will be provided with the opportunity to work under the guidance of professors and graduate students from the local universities and colleges. Research time will be provided during the academic day allowing students to graduate with a research project they have either assisted with or conducted and developed. Their experience will culminate in a research paper worthy of publication. For students interested in these research areas, having this experience as a High School student will clearly help open doors to major universities and colleges.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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