graduateAESA Prep Academy is a unique school that is dedicated to helping our students achieve their dreams. To learn more about AESA’s philosophy, mission and education standards always feel welcome to contact Head of School Barbara Garza who  personally takes the time and makes the effort to meet individually with prospective students and their families.

Is AESA a Good Fit for Your Child?

AESA is a groundbreaking school that is dedicated to creating unique schedules and academic paths for every student. The AESA community includes elite athletes, academically advanced students, families that frequently travel, fine artists and many other unique individuals. If you have ever felt that the school system you are currently in feels oppressive or rigid, then AESA could be a good fit for your family.

Some of AESA’s goals include:

  • Provide every student a path for achieving the highest academic standard
  • Prepare students for a successful college career and beyond
  • Support extracurricular passions with flexible schedules
  • Facilitate social connections and emotional growth
  • Provide a safe, welcoming environment where students feel appreciated and accepted
  • Allow families and students the flexibility to pursue opportunities that require travel

AESA’s Academic Standards

whiteboard_teacherAESA is SACS accredited and, when last reviewed by the accreditation committee, received the highest rating (“exceptional”) in all academic categories.

No student falls through the cracks at AESA, whether socially or academically. Small class sizes and individual attention result in students achieving the highest academic potential – not just “getting by” as can happen in larger schools where students can get lost in the crowd.

In every grade, students are challenged to think creatively and solve problems. Our goal is to give our students the cognitive tools they need to succeed in their academic career and in life.