Aesa art show

By May 4, 2016Uncategorized

Fine arts night at Aesa
Tuesday, April 12

The Aesa fine arts night show was a success. About 45 people showed up to the event. More people showed up than ever expected. It had a great turnover. The exhibit showed the art classes paintings to parents. The art was hung on the walls around the map room with the names of the piece and the name of the artist. They were all captivating and excellent pieces of art. The students were able to choose what they wanted to paint. It was their best art from the whole semester.

There was also a play the students put together called “the worst Christmas pageant ever”
The Play had the students from the drama class in it. They started practicing in January and it payed off. Some students had to have multiple roles, and they killed it. It was an amazing show. The parents all loved it and were proud of their kids.

Seamus Caskey