About AESA Prep Academy

science_boysAcademic Excellence for the Scholar, Athlete & Artist (AESA) Prep Academy  is a 2nd-12th grade college prep school in Austin, TX.

AESA is designed to allow our students to have a completely individualized academic plan. AESA’s philosophy and design creates an environment that is engaging, motivating, and truly enjoyable. We believe students cannot learn and develop the important skills and values needed for today’s competitive landscape if they are not enjoying and having fun with their education and school’s community/culture.

  • Flexible and traditional schedules
    AESA works with each student individually to create an academic program that will accommodate their unique needs. Examples include an accelerated path for advanced scholars, an intensive training program for athletes, or fine art studio time.
  • Small class sizes
    AESA keeps class sizes small to ensure that every student is engaged directly and given the opportunity to participate in their learning. Class sizes vary from 2-8 students.
  • SACS accreditation
    AESA’s curriculum is SACS accredited (The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) and is based on the National Standards, the PSAT, the SAT and the ACT.
  • NCAA approved courses
    AESA is NCAA approved to ensure students’ eligibility with Division I, II, and III colleges and universities.
  • University of Texas Dual Credits
    Our students distinguish themselves academically by taking dual credit courses through AESA’s partnership with the University of Texas at Austin.

Memorable, Empowering Learning Experiences

AESA-unEvery student at AESA is a member of our Student Government and Model UN, and participates in debates, performances and speeches designed to deliver memorable, empowering learning experiences.

AESA’s educational programming is based on principles of respect for family, education, and morality. Our students are scholars, artists, and athletes who put their hearts into pursuing their passions – it is the mission of AESA Prep Academy to help them succeed by providing academic, cultural, and social programming within the framework of a positive, nurturing, and stimulating academic environment

Beautiful Campus

campus_treesAESA Prep Academy is located in the beautiful hill country of Dripping Springs, just west of Austin TX.

Our campus, surrounded by peaceful oak and cedar trees, is designed to be welcoming and inspiring for our students. Our classrooms are organized around large tables with group seating for a variety of room arrangements. Our main building displays grand columns and hill country modern decor for a professional, collegiate atmosphere.

The AESA Community

AESA is a home away from home. Because of AESA’s small size and close-knit staff, we are able to provide a safe, memorable and wonderful experience for our students. AESA students and parents are a part of our family, and we keep an open door policy to make sure that everyone can express their needs.

Having seen first hand how students can “fall through the cracks” at other schools, the AESA faculty and staff is fiercely committed to providing an environment for our students where they feel accepted and appreciated for who they are.


Life Long Success

It is AESA’s goal to prepare each student for the future and deliver the academic advantage of an elite preparatory program as they approach college.

We work with each graduating student to help with the college admission process and scholarship applications. As a result, our initial 20 graduates received a total of $1,192,000.00 in scholarship monies.

If you’d like more information about AESA Prep Academy or would like to schedule a tour, please feel free to contact our Head of School Barbara Garza directly by email, or by phone at 512-560-5584.

We’d love to hear from you!