AESA Prep Academy tuition is $17,000.00 for all grade levels.

The tuition incoides core academic curricular courses, AESA Physical Education, AESA Wildlife Program, AESA Test Prep, AESA Math Prep and AESA Writing Lab (our intensive SAT and ACT prep courses). Elective courses and foreign language courses will be an additional $600.00 per year for each course, and $300.00 for single-semester elective courses.

You may select between a hard copy textbook and an online textbook and they may be purchased from AESA.

College Admissions

Each Junior and Senior at AESA receives a minimum of 30 hours devoted to their college admissions process, such as college counseling, setting up interviews with college admissions officers, admissions processing, scholarship searches, and NCAA compliance checks and updates. For our students that are candidates for extensive scholarships that require faculty interviews and additional testing at the interested university or college, we spend an additional 10 to 15 plus hours preparing them for their interviews and this additional testing.

The University of Texas Dual Credit Courses

AESA Prep Academy is partnered with The University of Texas and encourages our Junior and Senior students to enroll in the American Literature, American Government, Micro-Economics, and the first four Spanish courses. We are an official testing site for The University of Texas Extension program and we have teachers dedicated to teaching and assisting our students with these courses. Having an official transcript from The University of Texas for courses our students have completed opens many doors in the admissions process and teaches them at what level they will need to work at once they enter college. Dual Credit courses are listed under Course Descriptions.

Tuition Payment Plans

Plan I: One payment of $16,700.00 is due by June 30th with a discount of $300.00 given for making one payment.

Plan II: Four payments of $4,250 will be made using the following payment schedule: the first payment due by June 30th, the second payment due by August 31st, the third payment due by October 31st and the fourth payment due by December 31st.

Plan III: Nine payments of $1,725.00 will be made; with the first payment due by August 1st and each subsequent month on the 1st of the month, and with the last payment due by May 1st.


For information regarding AESA scholarships or tuition assistance please inquire with Head of School Barbara Garza.